EOS Cycling Holidays Ltd is a small UK-based publisher of cycling guidebooks. Its origins go way back to 2002, when co-founder Eric van der Horst met co-founder Dawn Connor on a cycling odyssey in New Zealand. After we married in 2005, we established EOS Cycling in 2008, initially providing one cycling holiday package in southern England for people from The Netherlands. We moved our startup to Devon in 2009 and quickly learned that there was a demand for Dutch style long-distance cycling guidebooks about England and The Netherlands.

By 2013, the London-Land’s End Cycle Route was available in both Dutch and English, while a guidebook about cycling in The Netherlands was meeting international demand for good English-language-information about Dutch cycle routes. On top of that, EOS Cycling featured eight cycling holiday packages running in England, with various themes and catering for a variety of cycling capabilities. With every year more package holidays sold along with a steadily growing number of book sales, the future seemed bright for EOS Cycling Holidays.

However, 2016 brought us the Brexit Referendum. Both being EU-nationals (Dutch and Irish), we could no longer feel at home. We left the UK for The Netherlands in 2017, continuing the business from our Manchester base. Whilst we needed to adjust careers to our new situation, the economic prospects for the UK cycling hospitality industry was deteriorating. EOS Cycling was reduced to a shadow of its former self by the time the Covid crisis hit in 2020.

Nevertheless, our appetite to create and promote attractive traffic-calmed cycle routes has never gone away. So, as an extension to our day jobs, we are continuing to create high-quality cycling guidebooks. Indeed, we have sold 10,000 books so far, so why stop now? Today, we continue to take pride and joy in bringing happiness to people with our specially selected cycle routes, taking people on #realjourneys!

Check us out online:

English language website: www.eoscycling.com
Dutch language website: www.fietseninengeland.nl

Newsletter 2022

Download Route Updates England North-South Cycle Route
Download Route Updates London-Land’s End Cycle Route
Download Route Updates Amsterdam and The Netherlands
Download Route Updates Devon Coast-to-Coast

You will automatically receive the GPS tracks pack of the routes above via email if you order directly from us. Did you order the guidebook elsewhere? You will find the code for free receipt of the tracks in the book. We will send the pack within three working days of receiving your request via email: eoscyclingholidays@gmail.com.

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